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«Public Space in Extreme Climate workshop» 

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Workshop will be held on 17-24 June 2016. Right after the workshop there will be an architectural  conference  "Cities  and  People:  Local Solutions for Sustainable Development» (, which will  showcase the work of the participants. All tutors are expected to attend and make presentations.

June 16­ arrival, June 26 – departure after the conference is finished.

The workshop participants will be students and young architects from Yakutia and other regions of Russia who have passed a portfolio competition. Landscape architects from Russia, Nederland and other countries will be involved as tutors. 

There will be 6 teams, each of which will develop its own version of the project. Each team will consist of 5 people – 3 from Yakutia and 2 from other regions. Totally there will be 30 participants - 18 from Yakutia and 12 from other regions.


- Yaroslav Kovalchuk MARCH­Lab (Russia)

- Eva Radionova “Novascape” (Netherlands)

- Jana Crepon “Inside Outside” (Netherlands)

- Anna Andreeva “Alphabet City” (Russia)

- Leena Cho “Arctic Design Group” (USA)


Two or three young architects from Yakutia with good command of English. Assistants will help  tutors and deal with organization matters.  There always occur many unforeseen challenges and it is important not to distract  tutors and participants from the project.

Experts from Yakutsk: 

Experts in the field of construction, biology, dendrology, permafrost, sociology, cultural studies or ethnography and cultural workers. The list will be made in the nearest time. Experts will consult the participants and take part in the discussions of the projects.

Public Programme:

During the workshop, each tutor will deliver a lecture. They are mainly designed for participants, but will be open to the public. Lecture topics must be announced beforehand.

Two open presentations:

  • Presentation of study results (on the 3 day of the workshop)
  • Final presentation of the projects on June 24

Aside from that, all tutors will make reports on the conference.  Lecture and report topics must be announced in advance. They must not repeat each other.

Lectures of foreign tutors will be held with the consecutive interpretation.

Workshop Schedule:

Workshop consists of two stages:

  • Study - 3 days
  • Project development - 5 days

At the end of each stage there will be a public presentation and a discussion of the results of the work.

Participants will be provided with the next source materials:

Brief overview of history of Yakutsk and also of modern construction technologies

Brief overview of Yakut nature and climate

Brief overview of Yakut culture, traditions and modern life and economy

Reader with examples of modern parks and articles about landscape architecture

Base map of the site and maps of Yakutsk



Day Programme

Open events


Day 0

June 16


Arrival of tutors and participants

14-00 Lunch

15.00 сбор, знакомство, пешая прогулка до Дома Арчы

17.00 свободное время

18-00 Учительское собрание

20-00 Party на крыше


Day 1

June 17


10-00 Breakfast

11-00 Opening ceremony with mayor and city administration officials

12-00 Dividing into teams, assigning study tasks

12-30 Lecture: history, culture and architecture of Yakutsk city

14-00 Lunch

15-00 City tour and site visit

16-30 Trip outside the city: observing landscape and nature

18-30 Lecture: Climate and nature in Yakutia

21-00 Party

Both lectures may be open


Day 2

June 18


10-00 Breakfast

11-00 tutor delivering lecture

12-30 Study, teamwork

14-00 Lunch

15-00 tutor delivering lecture

16-30 Study, teamwork

20-00 Dinner


2 tutors will deliver lectures


Day 3

June 19


10-00 Breakfast

11-00 tutor delivering  lecture

12-30 Study - preparing presentations, teamwork

14-00 Lunch

15-00 Study - preparing presentations, teamwork

18-30 Open presentation of  study results. Public discussion.

21-00 Dinner or Party

A tutor will deliver a lecture,

presentation of study results


Day 4

June 20


10-00 Breakfast

11-00 tutor delivering lecture

12-30 Developing project, teamwork

14-00 Lunch

15-00 tutor delivering lecture

16-30 Developing project, teamwork

Cross consultations (tutors will consult “alien” teams)


20-00 Dinner


2 tutors will deliver lectures


Day 5

June 21


10-00 Breakfast

11-00 Developing project, teamwork

14-00 Lunch



20-00 Dinner



Day 6

June 22


10-00 Breakfast

11-00 Preliminary  presentation and discussion of projects

Developing project, teamwork

14-00 Lunch

15-00 Developingproject, teamwork


20-00  Dinner



Day 7

June 23


10-00 Breakfast

11-00 Preparing presentations, teamwork

14-00 Lunch

15-00 Preparing presentations, teamwork

Preparing the exhibition

17-00 Final presentation of the projects. Public discussion of the projects

21-30 Party and dinner


Day 8

June 24


10-00 Breakfast



Conference. Tutors will deliver reports

Tutors will deliver reports


Day 9

June 25


Celebration of the Ysyakh (the main Yakut holiday)


Day 10

June 26



Participants can stay for some days more, but at their own expense. Please warn about that in advance