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Thomas Stellmach will participate in the Conference

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This year young urbanist, Thomas Stellmach will also take part in ‘Cities and People’ Conference in Yakutsk. Mr. Stellmach spoke as ‘Urban planning’ expert at the Conference in 2014.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Stellmach is a founding director at TSPA Making Cities, a Berlin based planning and architecture studio and consults the UN-Habitat Urban Planning and Design Branch as urban planning and design expert. He supports the programme for achieving sustainable urban development with pilot projects in the Philippines, Rwanda, and Mozambique. 

Recent examples of TSPA’s work are a strategic plan for the 8 million people of Germany’s challenged Ruhr region, city transformation projects in Baghdad and Moscow, as well as the competition-winning concept for Berlin’s central library and adjacent neighbourhood. Thomas holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from Technische Universität Berlin.


The Bureau was founded in Berlin by architects, Ali Saad and Thomas Stellmach. Both partners graduated from Technical University of Berlin and Technical University of Catalonia in Barcelona.

UBERBAU specialization is strategic projects in the field of Architecture and Urbanism, based on comprehensive studies.