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Название конференции


II International Conference



With increasing urbanization, the search and implementation of the vital functions of urban management models for sustainable development are of particular importance. Improving access to comfortable housing and social infrastructure, the promotion of new methods and technologies of municipal services, the creation of efficient production and jobs, reducing the negative impact of city life on the environment, reducing the risk of man-made and natural disasters, the widespread introduction of information and communication technologies, involvement of local communities in management – these are the most important challenges faced by the management of any modern city.

For a wide exchange of experience and advancement of achievements in the sustainable development of cities, District Administration of the city of Yakutsk, Public Chamber of Yakutsk, with the participation of UN-HABITAT Executive Bureau in Russia, with the support of the Eurasian branch of ‘United Cities and Local Governments’ World Organization will host II International Conference "Cities and People: Local Solutions for Sustainable Development" on June 24-25, 2016 in the capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) of the Russian Federation, the city of Yakutsk.

Modern Yakutsk is the largest city in the world built on permafrost, with a unique experience of a long development in extreme climatic and geographic conditions. 2016 is the Year of Labor in the city of Yakutsk. In his speech, the Head of Yakutsk, said: "Without the tireless work of many generations for nearly four centuries in unthinkable harsh climatic conditions, there would be no Yakutsk - the city, resilience of which surprises and delights many people around the world.

Realizing the potential of each citizen, professional growth in all sectors and industries, enhancing the prestige of labor will be the main target landmarks in the capital in 2016...We have managed to unite, we have been actively promoting useful initiatives, and we have learned to support each other, to act jointly in the interest of the city. Now, I'm sure, it's time to focus, to make progress, to put creative work at the forefront, for the sake of our families, our city, our republic and our great country."

The International Conference will promote best local solutions for sustainable urban developmentin in  the format of public area for interaction and exchange of experiences between urban communities, experts and other interested parties.

Purpose of Conference:

Consolidation of international experience in the development of cities and local communities, the forms of municipal management, the creation of tools for development and implementation of policies, programs and practices of municipal development.

Conference Objectives:

• promotion of international cooperation in the field of safety, viability, sustainable human settlements, urban policy and the development of urban infrastructure;

• exchange of experience in managing a modern city with the active involvement of local communities;

• promoting impact of public initiatives on the formation of urban environment quality standards and the creation of an attractive image of the city;

• attracting the attention of business communities to public initiatives;

• assistance to introduction of environmental technologies and conservation of the environment, resource conservation and reduction of urban livelihood risks.

Name of event:

In English - ‘Cities and People: Local Solutions for Sustainable Development’ International Conference.

Date of Conference:

• June 24-25, 2016.

Conference Venue:

• City of Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Russian Federation; Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University.

Conference Organizers:

• District Administration of the city of Yakutsk

• Public Chamber of the city of Yakutsk

• Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University

Conference Partners:


• All-Russian Council of Local Self-Government

• Eurasian branch of ‘United Cities and Local Governments’ World Organization

• ‘Yakutia’ Technopark

• ‘OneClickYakutsk’ web portal

• The Ministry for the Development of Civil Society Institutions of Sakha (Yakutia).

Information Partners

• ‘Expert’ Media Holding

• Public Television of Russia

• ‘Sitim’ Media Group

• ‘Interfax Far East (Yakutia)’ News Agency

• ‘Far East Capital’ Regional magazine

• ‘East of Russia’ Information-analytical agency (

• ‘Sakha’ National Broadcasting Company

• ‘Ekho stolitsy’ Weekly City Newspaper

Conference participants:

Representatives of local and regional authorities, municipalities, members of International Assembly of Capitals and Big Cities (MAG) Association,Associations of Economic Cooperation ‘Union of the Arctic and the Far North Cities’, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Public Chamber of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Foundation for Development of Civil Society,Business Russia, Support of Russia, Open Government, cities - administrative centers of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, sister cities and partner cities of Yakutsk and municipalities of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), representatives of Russian and foreign business circles, educational and scientific institutions, researchers, urbanists, designers, architects, representatives of the business community of Yakutsk.

Official documents of Conference:

• Concept of Conference;

• Conference Brandbook;

• Illustrated booklet on the organizers and partners of the Conference;

• Conference program;

• Resolution of the Conference;

• Electronic flash presentation of the Conference.

Working languages of the Conference:

• Russian, English, Yakut.

Main events of the Conference:

• Plenary Session, thematic sessions, summing-up meeting of Conference;

• Exhibitions;

• Visiting enterprises and organizations of Yakutsk, meetings with the population;

• Briefings and press scrums.

Approximate procedure for major events:

         Representatives of organizations - partners form an organizing committee for the preparation and holding of the Conference. The membership of the Organizational Committee shall be approved by the Head of the City District "City of Yakutsk."

         Conference program is formed on the basis of the participants’ proposals and shall be approved by the Organizing Committee.


         Working groups headed by coordinators, are formed from among the members of the Organizing Committee for preparation and holding of thematic sessions.

         Thematic sessions:

Urban Planning

         The quality of the urban environment is essential for sustainable development.

         How to balance the vital functions of the city and the natural environment? Is it possible to balance the functioning of life support systems and the impact on the environment? How is it possible to achieve the harmony of the architectural appearance of the city with the increasing density of the population in the urban area?

         Moderator - Alekseyeva I.D., Chief Architect of Yakutsk.


         Cities transmit impulses for modernization and development over large areas.


       Can the urban cultural and educational space become a generator of civilizational changes? What is the power of civil initiatives for positive change? Will the development of online sphere expand the involvement of residents in the city management?

         Moderator - Evsikova E.I., Deputy Head of the City District ‘Yakutsk’ on social issues.

The New Economy

         Cities - drivers of economic growth.

         Do the nodal functions of the city determine the strategy for an efficient economy? Is the way to the innovation economy through production and operation of intellectual property correct?How to turn the limited resources into a development factor in times of crisis?

         Moderator - Struchkova AA, Head of Economic Department of the Administration of the city of Yakutsk.

Urban Sustainability of the North

The development of housing and communal infrastructure as a factor of urban sustainability of the North: reduction of mutual risks and minimization of environmental damage. Current and potential problems of the northern and Arctic settlements: the life cycle of housing - communal infrastructure and periodicity of updates. Power saving: the key to improving urban sustainability in the North.

         Moderator - Dyomina N.A., Counsellor head of Housing sector of the Administration of the city of Yakutsk.

Time limit: speakers - up to 7 minutes, discussants- up to 3 minutes.



• Architectural projects;

• The best municipal practices of Yakut regional branch of the All-Russian Council of Local Self-Government;

• Profiling Program Presentation of the viability of the UN-Habitat cities;

• Presentation of the World Organization of e-government of cities and local authorities (WeGO);

• Presentation of the sister city of Harbin (China).

Responsible for Exhibitions: AN Artemyev, Deputy Head of the implementation of investment projects of the district administration of the city of Yakutsk.


         List of participants to be formed on the basis of applications received.

Applications for pre-posting of articles and essays of participants at the Conference website, lectures - webinars, as well as for the organization of public lectures.


Approximate program of the International Conference:

      1st day:

Venue - Faculty of Natural Sciences of Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University

09:00 Exhibition

09:00 Registration of participants

10:00 Plenary Session of the Conference


12:00 Lunch

14:00 Thematic sessions and round tables

18:00 Final meeting of the Conference

Visiting organizations and enterprises in the city of Yakutsk – according to a separate plan.

2nd day:

         • participation in ‘Ysyakh of Tuymaada’ national holiday , in the area of Us Khatyng, Mayor’s reception.

Expected results of Conference:

• promotion of the idea for the Year of Labor in Yakutsk in the international municipal community;

• strengthening of the reputation of Yakutsk as a major economic and cultural center of the North-East of Russia;

• strengthening cooperation and partnerships in the field of urban sustainable development;

• involvement of residents in the development of inter-municipal dialogue;

• introduction of good practices of sustainable development in the city of Yakutsk;

• strengthening of Yakutsk city community and mutual trust between the municipal authorities and residents.

Cultural program:

• Excursions around the city of Yakutsk, visits to museums and exhibitions;

• ‘Ysyakh of Tuymaada’.

Handouts set:

• folder, conference documents;

• notepad and pen;

• a bag.

Information support of Conference:

• Conference Press Center;

• official website of Conference;

• briefings (press scrums);

• information partners.