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Xavier TURNER Ruis de Temino

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Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Architecture
Leading expert in Urban and Regional Spatial Planning, UN-Habitat Headquarters of UN-Habitat in Nairobi institutions. As part of the urban planning sector, the expansion and design, Mr. Turner was engaged in the development and participated in the implementation of the projects on urban development structure, projects on cities expansion planning, urban revitalization and restoration after disasters in Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Haiti, Rwanda and Kenya. Previously had an experience as an architect and expert in urban development in "Banco Santander" Company, Spain. Then worked as an expert in market analysis and business development in Germany and the United States, where was engaged in the development of partnerships in the public and private sector, aimed at ensuring sustainable urban development and energy sectors in Canada, the US, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. In addition, he is a researcher at the Darmstadt Technical University and conducts research in the field of spatial planning and infrastructure development in transport and water supply.