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remysietchiping photoLead Regional & metropolitan planning Unit, UN-Habitat. He is responsible for the control over the development of UN Habitat strategic programs, including the National Policy of Urban Development, the links between urban and rural areas, the development of megacities and the International Recommendations for urban and spatial planning. Previously, Dr. Sietchiping was the head of "The Global Land Tool Network" project, in which coordinated the work on the development of mechanisms to solve, in particular, such issues as the provision of access to land and strengthening legal secure land tenure, organization and land use planning, land information, land policy and legislation, land financing. He has over 20 years of experience in the United Nations organizations, scientific community, private sector, public sector and NGOs in Australia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Jamaica and elsewhere in the world. Dr. Sietchiping published more than 40 works, including books, peer-reviewed articles, speeches in collections of materials of conferences and reports. Fluent French and English. PhD, Geographical Sciences, Melbourne University, Australia.