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2016 is the Year of Labor in the city of Yakutsk. In his speech, the Head of Yakutsk, said: "Without the tireless work of many generations for nearly four centuries in unthinkable harsh climatic conditions, there would be no Yakutsk - the city, resilience of which surprises and delights many people around the world.

"City and people" International Conference in the city of Yakutsk is a public platform for exchange of experience in the interaction of urban communities in the field of local self-government development to create a friendly urban environment with a high level of comfort, accessibility and safety.

The Conference will consist of four thematic sessions


The quality of the urban environment is essential for sustainable development.
How to balance the vital functions of the city and the natural environment? Whether the balance is possible between functioning of life support systems and the impact on the environment? Is it possible to achieve the harmony of the architectural appearance of the city with the increasing density of the population of the urban area?


Cities transmit impulses of modernization and development over large areas.
Can the urban cultural and educational space become a generator of civilizational changes? Will the development of online sphere expand the involvement of residents in the city management?

The New Economy

Cities - drivers of economic growth.

Do the nodal functions of the city determine the strategy for an efficient economy? Is the way to the innovation economy through production and operation of intellectual property correct? How to turn the limited resources into a development factor in times of crisis?

Urban Sustainability of the North

Sustainability of life of Arctic cities, as a factor of urban infrastructure development.
What are the current challenges of Arctic cities? Is it possible to increase the sustainability of life without causing damage to the environment? What are the realities of life in the Arctic cities? What is the role of housing and communal sector, how to develop and modernize the housing and communal services in the conditions of tariff barriers?

Conference organizers:


Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University


The district administration of the city of Yakutsk


The Public Chamber of the city of Yakutsk